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Living In A Foreign Land

Living abroad is an exciting opportunity to experience diverse cultures and environments — to meet people from all over the world. However, there is often a period of adjustment after moving to a different country. It takes time to learn a new language, customs, gestures and a monetary system. Here are some strategies to help you adjust to a foreign culture.

The stages of cultural adjustment

It often helps to know that what you are experiencing has been experienced by many other service members and families. Understanding the stages of cultural adjustment can help you recognize that your feelings are perfectly normal.

  • Apprehension: When receiving overseas orders, it is not unusual to feel some unease or worry about how you will handle the new opportunity.
  • Exhilaration: Taking in the newness of the situation is exciting. A feeling of fascination or enthusiasm is typical as you pack up for your new destination and could last until shortly after your arrival in the foreign country. Hold onto that feeling.
  • Culture shock: After spending a bit of time in the new culture, you may become tired and overwhelmed from all of the learning you have to do — different types of measurements, tipping, shopping, money, housing — not to mention trying to master a foreign language. One example is that studying abroad creates culture shock for students. The new environment will then create this barrier for other students. The effect of this is tremendous, and sometimes Homeschool Programmes are the only way to lessen the effect.
  • Integration and acceptance: After a while, you get a better grasp of the language, the gestures become second nature and you know how to pay for things with new money. Your family begins to feel at home in the foreign country and more relaxed in your new settings.

Strategies for blending into a foreign culture

The better you can adapt to a new culture, the more you can seize your overseas adventure. Here are some strategies for getting along with the natives in your host country and blending into your new home.

  • Try to speak the language: Most individuals appreciate when you try to speak their language, even if you do so imperfectly.
  • Speak English clearly: Many individuals in the host country speak English, but don’t understand slang phrases or jargon. Try to speak slowly and clearly to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Eat the native foods: In foreign cultures, food is often a symbol of hospitality. Eating the foods offered to you is a form of a compliment to your host. Even if you don’t like it, try to eat it with a smile and thank the host for a tasty meal.
  • Dress appropriately: Clothing is a central part of the customs and traditions of most cultures. While shorts and a t-shirt may be perfectly OK to wear in the U.S., they may be considered rude in some parts of the world. Make sure you know what kinds of dress are offensive in your foreign culture.
  • Learn how to address people: Some cultures are very formal in how they address each other. Become familiar with the titles people use and what is considered courteous.
  • Be on time. Your friends in the U.S. may not mind if you’re running 15 minutes late for a lunch, but in some cultures being tardy shows a lack of respect for the other person and is considered rude.
  • Be open-minded. Put your stereotypes aside and try to be receptive to new ideas and behaviors.

Adapting to a new culture, while not always easy, is part of the fun adventure of living overseas. Contact Military OneSource with any questions or concerns.

Australia- One of the Top Destinations

According to a recent international report, Australia has solidified its place as one of the top locations for people who are trying to live, study, work, and visit. It is a fantastic, tranquil country with unique natural beauty, a terrific temperature, and an amazing education system.

Many people find the idea of immigrating to and establishing a new country to be thrilling, and Australia is one of the nations that welcomes immigrants from a variety of cultural backgrounds the most. It is a fantastic place to immigrate, with clear rules based on a point system for permanent residency under the General Skilled Migration SkillSelect program, and offers an education facility to qualified candidates from all over the world.

Australia’s historically robust population growth is taken from both sources since it is a country that was founded on migration. Australia’s historically robust population growth comes from both natural rise and net foreign migration, fitting for a country whose basis is mobility. With about 7 million of Australia’s nearly 25 million people born abroad, immigration has significantly boosted the country’s economy. Both temporary and permanent migrant populations have improved Australian society by bringing diversity to the nation’s towns, suburbs, and cities. Because of its economy, lifestyle, economic independence, high standard of living, and superior educational system, Australia welcomes more than 200,000 new immigrants each year.

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